Along with achieving the best price, the speed in which a house can be sold is one of the most important factors for many sellers.

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of a quick sale, preparation is key.

Before going on the market, take a really hard look at your house with a critical eye – does the front of the property have the wow factor or does the front door need a lick of paint?

Is the front garden and driveway perfectly neat and tidy? Has all the clutter inside the house been tidied away (or discarded if it wasn’t needed)?

Have you considered your options if a quick offer is made? Do you have rented accommodation lined up if your next purchase is not ready yet?

After making all of these preparations, do the same for when your property is marketed on the internet, which is where most potential buyers will see it – so the photographs need to be stunning and the floorplan needs to be professional and accurate.

Talk to your estate agent about arranging an EPC as soon as possible. Estate agents have the right contacts for organising an EPC faster than you will be able to yourself, so make sure you take advantage!

Think about solicitors – do you already have a law firm who you will use? If not, speak to your estate agent about the options – and make sure they chase the solicitors once the ball starts rolling to minimise any potential delays.

Finally, don’t forget the details – potential buyers are hungry for information, so make sure the description tells them how fabulous the local schools are and how lovely the local pub is. All of these little details will help paint the perfect picture and give you a good chance of attracting plenty of quick offers.

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*Picture courtesy of Nik Andrews Photography*



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