If you take any interest in the national property market, and what’s happening here in Bridgnorth, you may have noticed a recurring message that the number of new properties coming onto the market has been slowing down.

That reduction in new instructions coupled with the traditionally quieter winter means that now is an excellent time to get your house on the market.

How so? It’s about getting ahead of the game.

A lot of people think that spring is a good time to think about moving, which is true, but the important thing is to plan in advance so you’re ready.

It’s very likely that we will see a big influx of properties coming onto the market once spring has sprung, so the smart thing to do is get your property on the market before the daffodils bloom or you risk being lost in the melee.

The fact that there are so few properties available at the moment – it’s the lowest level in about 40 years – is good news if you are looking to sell because there is not much competition out there.

And there is still a core of “must-have” buyers who are prepared to pay a good price for the right property. You just need to be ready for them.

For more information, give me a call on 01746 767 767 or call into the Nock Deighton offices in Whitburn Street.



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