If your house is on the market, chances are you will have spent quite a bit of time considering which rooms are the show-stoppers and which are more, let’s say, functional.

Traditionally the kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that many people try to improve before putting their property up for sale, but a new survey has revealed that it’s the living room that most house-hunters focus on the most.

Of course, a newly-fitted kitchen and bathroom is always a big plus-point, but if you don’t have the budget to make any major changes, sprucing up the living room is a good place to start.

The survey found that out of a thousand people viewing three-bedroom houses, the majority spent the most time looking at the living room.

That was closely followed by the kitchen, and perhaps more surprisingly, the third most viewed area was the garden – ahead of the bathroom.

From speaking to buyers on a daily basis, it’s the parts in a house which aren’t easily changed that they value the most.

So a warm and welcoming living room which is well proportioned will make a big impression. As will a spacious garden in which they can picture themselves whiling away the summer days with a cool drink in hand – even though that might be difficult to imagine at the time of writing with so much snow on the ground!

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