I’ve spoken to plenty of people here in Bridgnorth who think all estate agents are the same because they are all on Rightmove.

And whilst it’s true that everyone (whether they are an estate agent or not!) may well know how to use Rightmove – they don’t necessarily understand how to squeeze the maximum benefit out of it.

As estate agents, we have access to the analytical data within Rightmove, so we can monitor exactly how many views each property is getting at any particular time.

I took a look at the Bridgnorth properties this week and the numbers are rather interesting I must say.

There is a marked difference between the viewing figures of each estate agent, which clearly suggests a difference between the way they are marketing their properties. So it’s not just a case of sticking them on Rightmove and hoping for the best!

Interestingly, in our case these excellent property view statistics – an average of 75 views per property per day which is the highest of all Bridgnorth agents – have actually had a direct impact on our sales figures, which are up by about 50% over the last few months.

These figures really do highlight the importance of choosing the right agent and the fact that while all agents are on Rightmove, some are better at using it than others!

For more advice about getting the most out of Rightmove, pop into our Bridgnorth office or give me a call on 01746 767 767.



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