A friend of mine popped into the office recently to discuss a dilemma he was having – he couldn’t decide when to put his house on the market.

Should he get in early and put his property on the market now, or should he wait until he had found his ideal new home?

It’s a common dilemma, but when you crunch the numbers, there is an obvious answer!

The average semi-detached home in Bridgnorth is currently worth £211,000, while the average detached is £356,000.

If you put your house on the market first, you will have time to generate good interest without the pressure to accept anything less than your desired price. You will then be in a strong position to negotiate harder from the outset on your chosen detached property.

Even if you only knocked 2% off your purchase, assuming the asking price was that average value of £356,000, you could get the gap down to £127,000 – your purchase price of £338,000 minus your selling price of £211,000.

But if you wait until finding your perfect new home before putting your own house on the market, you’re in a potentially very different position.

Firstly you risk having to offer the asking price on your new home to persuade the vendor to wait while you try to sell.

And secondly, you would then potentially be under pressure to accept a lower offer on your own home so you don’t miss out on the house you want.

Using the same thinking as before, let’s say you accept 2% under your asking price, so £207,000, and you offer the full asking price of your chosen home – £356,000. That puts the gap up to £149,000.

So you see, by getting your house on the market early you could save yourself £22,000!

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