Well the General Election has been and gone, and the result was quite a surprise.

But the question for us as estate agents is, how will the property market in Bridgnorth react? Put simply, we expect it to be business as usual following the result, and nothing has happened since last Friday to change that view.

The housing market in Shropshire has been pretty unaffected by national and world politics over the last five years and we would expect that pattern to continue.

Regardless of your political opinion, I think everyone feels a degree of relief now that the election is done and dusted.. We have actually been busy leading up to the election and the feeling is that buyers are still actively looking to move.

The main issue for the property market is the lack of available stock, which has been the case for the past couple of years and the election certainly hasn’t had any impact on that.

When there is a limited stock, it means that the properties which are on the market will sell for a good price, so it is a great time to sell your house if you are thinking of moving.

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